Spontaneously Occurring Atmospheric Clowns

Spontaneously Occurring Atmospheric Clowns, Oil on paper, 18″ x 24″, 2017

Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and genetic editing will merge to form a new synthetic technology platform, producing hoards of nanobots, each no larger than a dust particle but with emergent intelligence. Like swarms of insects, these will work in a networked matrix, remotely controlled like a drone until they begin to act as autonomous agents. They can be inhaled and they can penetrate buildings.

The Ballot Show Opening Friday October 14, 6-8pm

What comes once every four years and takes you away from your S.O.P.??? The Ballot Show! 

Party Melt, 2016, inkjet on stretched canvas, 14″ x 18″ each

Always a fun event at Frontroom Gallery, 142 Roebling near corner Metropolitan in Williamsburg. See you there and don’t forget to vote!

Egert Studio

Robert Egert photographed in his painting studio by Andre Smits as part of the "Artist in the World" project

Had a great visit with André Smits last weekend to participate in André’s project, which you can check out art his site: Artist in the World. Digging this photo. It captures my somewhat cramped but comfortable attic studio along with two large oil paintings in progress. Besides the photo it was great to have a more in-depth conversation with André and get his reaction to my work.