Unbuilt: Swiss Cheese

Robert Egert, Unbuilt: Cheese Conté on paper, 23" x 32", 2008

Unbuilt: Cheese Conté on paper, 23″ x 32″, 2008

After weeks of serious labor the sculptor discovers that when he cuts a circular chunk out the form, it resembles Swiss Cheese. This makes him laugh. Emboldened by humor, he repeats the gesture at random. It is now 2 A.M. on Wednesday morning. Exhausted, more from the catharsis of laughter than from work, he disappears down the dark stairs and into the street.

Clown Hats

Tempera on blueprint paper approx. 32" x 44", circa 1980

Tempera on blueprint paper approx. 32″ x 44″, circa 1980

 I remember being fascinated with clown hats at this time. This was related to a book I was reading on kitsch, and the historical development of cheap, low aesthetic objects in Nazi Germany. This led, later on, to a whole series of god awful clown and dog paintings, which thankfully have been lost forever!