I’m passionate about creating images that are suspended between the physicality of their material and the imaginary world they represent. I use the formal space of painting to explore connections between ideas, places, and events. In each of my pieces I strive to establish a coherent internal logic independent of external references. My practice is grounded in working hands-on with simple materials and depends as much on intuition and a search for beauty, mystery, or patterns as it does on concepts.

Gothic Interiors
These pieces were created in conté on laid paper and are extremely fragile. These drawings fuse together a single shape with a complex interior inspired by medical illustrations, biological systems in the body, and Gothic architecture. My goal was to explore how simplicity and complexity can coexist.

Great Plains
I think of this series as being in the tradition of regional landscape painting and is inspired by my recent opportunity to travel through the great plains states. The series focuses on our relationship to the environment through images inspired by extreme weather, mining, and agriculture. In the painting Tornado Alley I was inspired by the random paths tornados inscribe on the ground. Cisgenia takes its name from a form of genetic engineering and depicts the uncanny aspects that can result when humans intervene in nature.

Bonsai Garden
These are intimate paintings inspired by different forms of reproduction, such as fertilization, budding, and parthenogenesis. Each of these paintings is built up over many working sessions to arrive at a balanced and self sufficient form.