Tornado Alley


Tornado Alley
A tribute to Lois Lenski, 48″ x 48″ oil and dyed animal glue on canvas, 2017

The landscape of the plains from Oklahoma and Northern Texas in the south up to Nebraska.

Great Plains Monster

The Great Plains Monster, oil, oil stick, dyed glue and charcoal on canvas, 48″ x48″, 2017

As the atmosphere warms and storms become more extreme it may become expedient and necessary to extract water from clouds to reduce the impact of storms.


Motley, A Painting by Robert Egert circa 1986. This would have been oil on canvas about 48" x 56"

Oil painting on canvas, circa 1985. Probably about 48″ x 56″.
I think I painted this at 204 Grand Street studio, after my solo show in the East Village but before I moved to Roebling and Metropolitan.

Clown Hats

Tempera on blueprint paper approx. 32" x 44", circa 1980

Tempera on blueprint paper approx. 32″ x 44″, circa 1980

 I remember being fascinated with clown hats at this time. This was related to a book I was reading on kitsch, and the historical development of cheap, low aesthetic objects in Nazi Germany. This led, later on, to a whole series of god awful clown and dog paintings, which thankfully have been lost forever!